Who To Call
  • ChildLine 0800 1111
  • Police Scotland 101
  • Social Work 0300 300 1199
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What should I look for?

What should I look for?

You may notice that a child or young person:

  • Has unexplained bruising or bruises in an unusual place.
  • Seems to be afraid, quiet or withdrawn.
  • Seems to be afraid to go home.
  • Constantly appears to be tired, hungry, dirty or untidy.
  • Seems to be left on their own at home a lot or out playing late with no one coming to check on them.
  • Has too much responsibility for their age.
  • Knows more than they should about sex for their age or acts in a sexual way that is wrong for a child.
  • Misuses drugs or alcohol.
  • Tells you something that makes you think the child may have been hurt by someone.

Sometimes adults do things which make us worry about their behaviour towards a child or young person. You may be concerned if an adult:

  • Acts in an aggressive, violent or sexual way towards a child or young person.
  • Misuses alcohol or drugs while caring for a child.
  • Leaves their children unattended and / or with unsuitable adults.

Who to Call

If you are unhappy or worried about something speak to your teacher or an adult that you trust.

  • ChildLine0800 1111
  • Police Scotland101
  • Social Work0300 300 1199
  • Social Work (Out Of Hours)0300 343 1505
  • NSPCC Helpline0800 800 5000