Who To Call
  • ChildLine 0800 1111
  • Police Scotland 101
  • Social Work 0300 300 1199
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Do you feel safe, happy and well?

All children should get:

  • Enough food to eat
  • Somewhere warm and comfortable to sleep
  • Shoes that keep their feet warm and dry
  • Clothes that keep them warm and dry and are right for the time of year, like a warm coat for the winter
  • Some of their parents’ time for things like playing games and reading bedtime stories
  • Medicine when they’re ill.


Your parents or whoever looks after you should make sure you have all the things you need to grow up safe, happy and healthy.

Sometimes adults don’t have a lot of money and things can be hard for them but they should still look after you properly.

Just like you, adults like to have good fun and enjoy themselves but sometimes adults might drink too much or take drugs that they shouldn’t. This might mean that they are not well enough to look after you properly. This can make life very hard for children.

Cold Hungry Illustration

 A routine is very important. The people who look after you should get you up for school, make sure you have proper meal times and that you have a proper bedtime. But it’s not always like that.


If this doesn’t happen it can make life hard for children. It might make it hard for children to get to school on time, to go every day and to learn and do well. It is hard for children to learn easily if they are tired or hungry because it makes it hard for children to concentrate. Sometimes it might mean that it is hard to make friends and could lead to children being bullied.


If this is happening to you, speak to an adult you trust – like someone in your family, a teacher or a classroom assistant. You should say that you are worried and upset and share your problem .Most people feel better once they have found someone to help them solve a worry or problem. Being worried for a long time can be very upsetting.


You can also call Childline on 0800 1111.


Who to Call

If you are unhappy or worried about something speak to your teacher or an adult that you trust.

  • ChildLine0800 1111
  • Police Scotland101
  • Social Work0300 300 1199
  • Social Work (Out Of Hours)0300 343 1505
  • NSPCC Helpline0800 800 5000