Who To Call
  • ChildLine 0800 1111
  • Police Scotland 101
  • Social Work 0300 300 1199
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If you’ve come here you might be looking for help or you might want to find out about how to keep yourself safe.

You’ve come to the right place. This website has lots of good advice. There may be things going on in your life that are making you feel worried, upset or confused. Or you may be worried about a friend. You may have seen something on the computer or your phone that bothered or even frightened you.

If you are worried about anything you should talk to an adult you trust, like your teacher or you can call Childline on 0800 1111

Who to Call

If you are unhappy or worried about something speak to your teacher or an adult that you trust.

  • ChildLine0800 1111
  • Police Scotland101
  • Social Work0300 300 1199
  • Social Work (Out Of Hours)0300 343 1505
  • NSPCC Helpline0800 800 5000
Worried About A Friend?

If you think something bad is happening your friends tell an adult that you trust. It isn’t grassing if you tell.

Who To Call